Buy Instagram Followers? Why You Shouldn't & What You Can Do Instead

There are more than enough websites available that offer you to buy followers for just a few dollars. So, if it were that cheap and easy, what's the catch?

InstaQualityOnly will, in the most concise way, analyze the pros and cons here, so you can decide for yourself if it's a good move for your brand.


In August 2019, the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance ran an extensive list of Instagram famous people and did a more in-depth analysis. The result showed that everyone has a percentage of fake Instagram followers. Another study by Takumi found a similar.

Ellen DeGeneres (49%), Katy Perry (44%), the Kardashian sisters Kourtney (46%) and Khloe (43%), several football stars fared no better... Link to the article:

However, we can still conclude that probably they are not buying all those Instagram followers.

We must take into account that there are plenty of bots who follow big-name users to attract others (they hope real) users and make their or their client's accounts to look more legitimate (0 follower count is a red flag). Additionally, Instagram usually suggests big names as follows option immediately after every new Instagram account creation.

Lot other smaller brands or popular influencers admitted from time to time purchasing tens of thousands of followers when starting.

From the first day of all social networks start to exist, the idea that you must have a certain number of followers to be taken seriously!

Yet the time of maturing with social media is happening all these years, whether we like it.

Instagram's new algorithm rewards engagement more than follower count! The issue is that still exist people that don't see or understand it.

So the main question is: Are you really need so many followers so fast at all?


"Look for a reputable supplier" advice can't help you ever here. When you buy Instagram followers, you're paying for a number alone. Your engagement will be ZERO! Even if you buy followers from "best provider on Earth," and every follower has its own 10.000 followers, your engagement from them will be ZERO again.

That's the main reason you never buy followers because you are brutally "killing" your engagement forever and any chance that you ever succeed with that Instagram account.

And that's one of the main reasons why InsaQualityOnly does not offer Instagram, followers sale service. It cant be a quality service provided on a fundamental level.


#1: Fake followers are obviously fake

Fake followers don't engage, and you already know it personally. Any other who recheck your followers can find it visually. After he or she rechecks more in-depth with analytics tools available on the market, you can guess that your followers are fake with even higher security.

Additionally, in the past few years, Instagram has cracked down on fake and scammy practices that having fake followers is hollow and embarrassingly obvious. It is too hard for people to make engagement with real followers!

#2: Brands will blacklist you

You can't be a real influencer with fake followers. Every potential partner will run your Instagram account through the most basic Instagram audit tool for sure. Simple, having fake followers destroys your credibility as an Influencer.

#3: Instagram might suspend your account

Buying fake followers is against Instagram's terms of service, but they do not suspend you usually because buying fake followers is harder to prove.

Sometimes you will get comments from fake followers in a completely different language to your own. You might find that these comments are ads for sex toys, extremist political groups, or any that violate Instagram terms. Bought followers bring spam with them, and Instagram might warn you about dishonest practices.

#4: You won't earn money using fake followers

We look from either side; you won't make money using fake followers. Maybe you can once or twice to deceive a beginner, and that's all.

Lot better is having a smaller real Instagram account with fewer followers instead of a large fake one.

And then it is better to have multiple smaller real Instagram account with fewer followers instead of a large fake one.


So we can conclude that drive engagement is the key, and the number of followers is a lot less important.


There are other different actions to drive engagement that you can try to get in front of your ideal audience.

1. Remove Followers!

First, what you can do instead of buying followers is to get rid of your Instagram ghost followers once and for all! Read our article: How to remove Instagram followers? - 100% free, real & instant.

2. Traditional Way

You can do "traditional way," and that's need be done one way or another. Show people something new and real, convert your Instagram account to a business account (tools that personal accounts don't have), A/B test some ads, use hashtags, share high-quality images, etc. That's well known and already exists more than enough educational sources on the Internet.

3. Outsmart The Instagram Algorithm

You can do the InstaQualityOnly way. InstaQualityOnly always build services that can outsmart the Instagram algorithm in an automated but quality way at the same time.


InstaQualityOnly has built 2 automation systems that increase your engagement and sales without risk of bans and suspensions:

System #1: Mass Comments

We have a pool of over 100.000+ Instagram accounts and posts mass custom comments for you. It boosts your Instagram marketing efforts.

We usually post between 6-10 comments per day per Instagram account, and Instagram allows such a small amount of comments without any bans and suspensions. Our comments sender service has a large number of Instagram accounts, and if every our account just send 6-10 messages daily, we can send thousands of comments with your message for you.

Read more about Mass Comments here:

System #2: Instagram Mentions

A mention is when someone uses the @ sign before your Instagram username. For example, @username in a comment on a post.

If you mention someone through our service, they will get a message from Instagram about that.

We have a large pool of Instagram accounts, and we can do it for you. If we are mention 10.000 people about your post, lots of them will be messaged about that.

Masscomments vs. Mentions

We see Masscomments a more powerful method then Mentions because a lot of people don't check messages, some messages are not delivered and exist more risks of Instagram bans, because Mentions must happen on your existing post. Mass Comments happen on other people's accounts and can reach a wider audience.

What To Do?

You know what to do instead of buying Instagram followers for sure now. You must know who your followers are through looking concurrent Instagram accounts and indirectly contact new ones, again and again, every day using quality automated services that can not risk your Instagram account. After some time and perseverance, you will have your own real followers and a quality Instagram account.

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