Why You Shouldn't Buy Instagram Likes

As Instagram grows as a marketing and advertising place, more brands have been tempted to buy Instagram likes (and Follows, Views, Comments, Mentions...).

InstaQualityOnly will, in the most concise way, analyze the pros and cons here, so you can decide for yourself if it's a good move for your brand.


We can also notice two educational currents in the market:

1. Conservative: They indicates that artificially increasing your engagement numbers is a waste of time and money and can harm your Instagram account

2. Artificially inflating your numbers: There is all for sale. These services ignore every new Instagram update; they sell all existing Instagram engagement indicators without any thought about whether your account will be suspended or irreversibly damaged.

Exist the 3rd way?

In addition, exist a rarer 3rd stream where InstaQualityOnly is one the first proponents and service creators. It is a strategy wherein the maximally possible legal way is to outsmart the Instagram algorithm, and we do not offer or recommend services that can harm or suspend your Instagram account or are just not so necessary at all. We are implementing an automated approach blended with the organic growth way, still after 2020 updates too.


Exist two main methods to grow a fake following quickly:

1. Create multiple fake Instagram accounts and make them like your content.

2. Buy from services that sell Instagram Likes. These services provide access to Instagram bots that will follow or like photos on related accounts.

The problem with the first tactic is that it's straightforward to see through. Multiple fake account followers with no or too few photos or interactions of their own are a clear sign of suspicious activity and a huge red flag.

The second method to buy Instagram likes works to grow followers based on bots that are connected to multiple Instagram accounts (we will not go into account quality here). In most cases, new clients don't realize that the bot will go back in and unfollow their account a few days later.

The bots unfollow those accounts later to maintain a more "ideal" follower/following ratio, or their accounts will be suspended. Or service provider who doesn't do that, his account is suspended, and you gain lose Like anyway. That's the problem of that method "Like drop" happen by any of these services and pretty often is over 90%. Some services start to sell "constant refill" of Likes, but it is costly and often "red flag" on your Instagram account as a suspicious and non-natural activity.


Instagram likes first disappeared in Canada and expanded to several more countries like Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States.

Take care, the likes will not be disappearing full, they will just be hidden to followers.

Link on the article: https://later.com/blog/hidden-likes-instagram/

Understanding The Like Trends

InstaQualityOnly doesn't see reason offer the Like service to the public. Understanding the Like situation and following the trends of Instagram updates don't make enough sense focus in that direction.

What To Do?

We suggest growing your following organically using automated services like Masscomments. You avoid the potential of your account getting shut down; you can automate your growth and, at the same time, get real followers, real likes, and authentic engagement with the Masscomments strategy.

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