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InstaQualityOnly will, in the most concise way, analyze the pros and cons here, so you can decide for yourself if it's a good move for your brand.


A lot of Instagram users and accounts are following you, but they do not engage you in any way! We can call them "ghost followers."

It should be your bigger concern than that "how to buy followers" for sure.

The reason behind ghost followers is in the first place that the users of these accounts have stopped using them, or these accounts were fake, or they are at one moment too easy follow, but they don' interested in your content at all.

Or some of them are such inactive users that you have not worth show content and interact with them at all.

The ghost users are a burden on your Instagram account and reduce your engagement!


Many have already figured it out, and who isn't just late. A large number of followers is not the primary target and point for your Instagram account's measure at all!

Metrics are proof that your Instagram account holds sufficient influence to become a good marketer.


The post engagement rate is a remarkable statistic that should be weighed.

From serious Instagram accounts is expected to generate thoughtful engagement. Any slightly experienced client does not just pay for a large number of followers. They also pay for a response to the advertisement or a confirmation that the public is actively receiving and responding to the ad.

The same is if you promote your brand, you wish the same for your own products or services. So why would Instagram want anything different for itself?


It is a straightforward free, and instant method to do so on your own.

It is interesting that pretty nobody thinks and writes about it, so people forget that this option exists.

Analyze and check to see if your followers have complete personal data, when were they last active on Instagram, and they are worthy accounts on a fundamental level as first. So you can first remove these poorly quality followers.

Then you recheck your followers' engagement if someone is never doing any action consider to remove him or her.

Or send step by step through some time, send DM messages to them, and try to connect with them, find what they are looking for, or any other connection activity. If they are not responding on your "double recheck," then you can consider removing them from your followers' list.

If you have a large number of followers, then it can be beyond the scope of manual labor. In that case, focus and search on the market exist apps and programs that can analyze followers. This type of software can do lots of analytic job for you quickly and easily.

More With Less

Using the strategy of removing followers, you can get "more with less." Your engagement will increase, and you will refresh the health of your Instagram presence.

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